First and most importantly, I am a married man to an undeniably beautiful woman named Elina ( I know she will be read this, so this will definitely secure a few husband points for that night ). We are proud parents of two cats, Coco and Chanel, who are our fur kids. These cats have brought us so much joy over the past 5 years of our marriage however by April of 2017 they will have to make room for a less-than-furry human kid because we are having our first baby! By April 2nd we will be proud parents of a little baby girl. I honestly cant wait for that day to come and to finally discover the honor and privilege it is to become a father. (So expect a lot of blogging about that). As far as “who I am”? I am a musician, a novice writer and an avid reader of books. My book selection ranges from business to self help to psychology to philosophy to theology and everything in between. I am a financial representative for an incredible not for profit Fraternal Financial Organization called Modern Woodmen of America.  I also belong and serve at a local church called CoastLife Church in Venice Florida. This where I get to invest my time, talent, and treasure into advancing the beautiful Gospel of Jesus in order to see lives changed and communities transformed. I am unashamedly enamored with the life and legacy of Jesus. Following him is my life’s passion and purpose.