Prayer 101

“With Great power comes Great responsibility” – Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker


Prayer is a privilege.

Plain and simple.

Its not something we have to do. Its something we get to do.

We aren’t simply expected to pray. We are entrusted to pray.

Like partners who have been purposed to play a part in shaping the world around us,

We pray to effect change and transformation, here and now.


God is always looking for people to partner with him in order to see his plans for our world come to pass.

And God’s primary means of partnership happens through prayer.


Saint Augustine says it best;

“Without God we cannot and without us God will not” 

God relies on teamwork in order to achieve the desired future He has in store.

He is relying on you and I to be people who pray.

Not out of obligation but out of an understanding that this is an extraordinary opportunity to be a plumb line of God’s provision.

Prayer is less of a religious ritual and more of a right and responsibility.

We have been given power. We’ve been granted access. We have the ever-listening and inclined ear of the Everlasting God.

On the other end of our prayerful petitions is the limitless resources of Heaven.

How could we sit idly by and not leverage the promises of God as the panacea for this planet’s problems?

We are called to be agents of change.

But what if change moves at the pace of our prayers?

“The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with” – James 5

Prayer is a force to be reckoned with like a category 5 Hurricane aimed straight at the enemy’s ramparts.

Its like having an atomic bomb in our arsenal yet still resorting to hand to hand combat.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Like well equipped soldiers let us wield our greatest weapon without ceasing.

Let us unleash the unstoppable power of prayer and witness the work of God in our lives.

Pray Now.

Pray Later.

Pray when it hurts. Pray when its hopeless.

Pray like a warrior through the worry and the wandering.

When things are uncertain. When things are unknown.

Pray to move heaven.

Pray to touch earth.

No matter the season. No matter the circumstance.

Harness the power of prayer.




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