We Are Not Afraid

I woke up this morning to another news headline from around the world that described yet another unspeakable terrorist attack at an Istanbul night club. 39 lives were taken and 69 others were threatened with severe injuries. I published the post below in November 2015 right after the atrocious terrorist attack in Brussels Paris however today I feel that it is still prevalent.

Fear infected the hearts of many like a contagion dispersed from the terrorist attacks yesterday. Pandemonium spread throughout every media source like a virus , inundating humanity with the horror and tragedy that devastated the people of Paris. A darkness gripped the world as we all watched and waited . Counting the toll, taking inventory of the wounded…

As the numbers rose our hearts sank.

And yet in the midst of all the panic and turmoil, a statement was audaciously presented in a crowd in protest. On handmade card board signs illuminated by strands of LED lights read this phrase;


Can you believe it?!

Hours after a horrific terrorist attack, that claimed over a hundred lives, somebody has the nerve to declare that they’re “NOT AFRAID” . Instead of running scared and hiding for safety which is what any normal human being would do, these people decided to stand out in the open and mock the enemy .
And I find that incredibly endearing.
I even sort of envy those individuals for their blatant gallantry.
I want that , whatever that is that drives them to be so bold , I feel is an extremely important element to be sought after.
 I long for that virtue within myself.
In the western world, safety and comfort are high on the priority list for most but these individuals have tapped into something that is more essential, more fundamental to being human and that is to be ALIVE . To be fully ALIVE is to live life without fear . To stare death in the face and not even flinch .
It’s dangerous. 
Its  daring.
 And  its absolutely vital for all who truly want to live life fully ALIVE.

Maybe this is what bravery looks like. Maybe this is what faith looks like. Maybe this is the definition of courage . Maybe courage can be more contagious than fear as it ignites the human spirit to rise and face the night with burning hearts. This fearlessness can even seem illogical and irrational in the wake of such dismay however I believe it can be the octane that drives us forward into the dawn.



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